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Launched in 2018 by Resa Dadash, Reluxe Records quickly went from a small self-publishing project to a name in the music industry. Initially surprised by the influx of demos from emerging artists, our A&R team embraced the opportunity to share our expertise and platform, propelling Reluxe to become a brand known for its commitment to new talent.

Our roster includes Artists who are passionate about their craft, encompassing Producers, DJs, Musicians, Singers, and Songwriters from around the globe. With a diverse array of talents from countries such as United Kingdom, USA, Germany, Australia, France, Mexico, Brazil and many more, Reluxe showcases the rich variety of music the world has to offer. Our guiding principle, „Music doesn’t know any borders,“ reflects our belief in the power of music to transcend geographical and cultural boundaries, bringing people together in a shared experience of sound and emotion.

At Reluxe, we are more than just a label; we are a family that nurtures and champions our artists. Each track is promoted with genuine enthusiasm and support, ensuring that every artist feels valued and empowered. Our philosophy extends beyond simply releasing music; we aim to foster a community where creativity knows no limits, encouraging our artists to experiment, collaborate, and grow. 
We’re committed to standing beside our artists every step of the way, offering our full support and energy to help them reach new heights. Join us in our journey of musical exploration and discovery, where passion meets creativity, and together, we try to make the world listen

meet our team

Resa Dadash

Founder & Label Manager

Resa Dadash is an passionated house music artist and producer. He has played at renowned festivals such as the Panama Open Air and in various clubs such as the Bootshaus. Resa founded the label in 2020 out of his vision to complement the local house scene in Cologne Germany.

Jennifer Meyer

Communications Manager

Jennifer completed her Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies and her Master’s degree in Media Communication at the University of Siegen. In her creative label work, such as writing texts or creating and editing videos, she is able to combine her knowledge of her studies with her fascination for House Music.